Most of the work of An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) is done by committees of volunteers led by our officers and members of our board of directors. We have standing committees — established, continuing groups — and occasionally temporary committees tasked with specific short-term projects (our annual elections committee, for example).

Each committee is chaired by an officer of the society. The ACGA president is a de facto member of all committees. Joining a committee is a good way to become more active in the affairs of the organization and help advance its goals, whether that be organizing events, helping to edit and create publications, or Gaelic Learning Community development.

Our standing committees are:

  • Publications Committee: Responsible for production of our quarterly, bilingual newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne.
  • Finance Committee: Led by the ACGA treasurer, oversees the budget and bank account.
  • Membership Committee: Works to retain current members and maintain contacts.
  • The Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Language and Song Week Committee: Responsible for planning, organizing, and holding the Gaelic language and song school every year the week before the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.
  • Mòd Committee: Responsible for planning, organizing, and holding the annual US National Mòd and assisting other regional Mòds where possible.
  • Learner Support Committee: Responsible for developing ACGA’s grant program and other initiatives to support learners and teachers.
  • Gaelic Learning Communities Committee: Responsible for developing a program and initiatives to support the development and spread of Scottish Gaelic Learning Communities in North America.
  • Website Committee: Responsible for the ACGA website.

Temporary committees:

  • Election Committee: Formed each to recruit candidates for the board of directors and manage the annual election.