There are many ways to Learn Scottish Gaelic. This section of our website is designed to provide you with three different starting points:

Learning Materials Classes and Distance Learning Gaelic Learning Communities

Each of these provide different methods and one can use any or all of them to achieve goals, regardless of why or to what extent one wants to learn. Most Gaelic learners in North America start through an app such as Duolingo, which offers a free Scottish Gaelic course. They may go to a website such as or, or order a book with audio files. Those who want to be more proficient or fluent will seek out classes, courses, or private lessons, either in person or online. They will look for what we call a Gaelic Learning Community to help them.

ACGA has a Learner Support Committee created to develop ways to assist Scottish Gaelic learners. The committee is currently working to establish a Learner Support Grant program and is also considering teacher training materials or programs.