“Clanna nan Gaidheal ri guaillibh a cheile” — “Children of the Gael shoulder to shoulder”

Over the years, ACGA has paid much attention to helping individuals find Scottish Gaelic classes or learning resources. What’s now needed, we believe, is a focus on Gaelic Learning Communities (Comhairsneachdan Ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig) or GLCs that connect learners, study groups, classes, and organizations. Building these communities is now an ACGA goal.

At ACGA, we began attempting to identify and determine how we can aid these GLCs in 2016, and in 2017 conducted a survey that led to a report titled Identifying and Supporting Gaelic Learning Communities. The survey taught us there is a great need and demand for community among Scottish Gaelic learners throughout North America.

View the report:

Identifying and Supporting Gaelic Learning Communities (301.82 KB pdf)
An initial report based on a survey of Scottish Gaelic teachers and study groups in North America

How can ACGA help this movement and these communities grow? We’re still working that out, but the map on this page will help you find information on active GLCs. ACGA’s budget includes a limited amount of funds that can be used to support GLC activities. We’re also currently working to produce resources that GLCs can use, including community development guidelines.

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