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An Naidheachd Againne, Summer 2012 Issue Is Available

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The Summer, 2012, issue of our newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne, has been released.

Members should have received it, but they can also obtain it online, by logging in to the ACGA Forum, and checking the Members Room.

Non-members can obtain issues through Winter 2011 in the Public Room of the forum, which requires no login, though you’re welcome to create an account and join our discussions whether ...Read More

The American Scottish Gaelic Society

Bonnie Kilt & Hose Raffle for 25th Anniversary ACGA Mòd

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It is the 25th Anniversary of the US National Gaelic Mòd in 2012! Certainly something worth celebrating! You may have already heard about the first ever fundraising concert held during March in Alexandria, VA (

There is another fundraising effort underway with a “Bonnie Kilt and Hose Raffle”.

Here are the details! (See below for other ways to help get the word out.)

The prizes: