The most important issue in keeping any minority language alive is the attraction of young people, be they children, high-school or college students, or other young adults. We often see that young folks who start learning Gaelic find it very rewarding. And it can serve as a gateway into other activities that they also enjoy, such as Celtic music, singing, dancing, Highland games, or learning about Celtic history and culture. ACGA is the principal North American organization supporting Scottish Gaelic and Gaelic culture, and we want to do everything we can to make Gaelic accessible to young people.

So we’ve established a new dues rate of $15/year for members aged 25 or younger. This dues payment entitles the eligible member to full membership. Members receive the quarterly newsletter An Naidheachd Againne (“Our News”), have access to our on-line forum and other resources, and receive tips and information via email. Members may also participate in ACGA events, including the annual Immersion Weekend, Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week, and the ACGA Mòd. There is even a mail-in mòd, in which Gaelic learners can compete from home for prizes, and obtain expert feedback on their Gaelic.

If you’re under 25 and interested in Gaelic, we hope you’ll consider this. Or if you know someone else under 25 who might be interested in this, please tell them about us. Or you could even give them a membership as a gift.

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