The full schedule for the ACGA Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song & Language Week, which will be held online July 5 through 8, is now available on the event’s page on this website.

Scottish Gaelic instructors Christine Primrose of Lewis and Alec “Bhaltos” MacDonald of Skye will teach Scottish Gaelic song and language at three levels and in three blocks of classes Monday through Thursday. There will be classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Classes will start at 11 am and conclude at 4:30 pm Eastern Time.

Total cost of the online event is $125, and the deadline for registration is midnight, June 27. No registrations will be accepted after that time. Register and pay online here.

The event will be followed by The North Carolina Provincial Gaelic Mòd, an online Gaelic singing competition, on Friday, July 9. You may enroll and pay the $10 fee for the Mòd while registering for the Gaelic Song & Language Week.