Fàilte, a h-uile duine, dhan làrach-lìn ùr ACGA, làrach-lìn a tha làn de ghoireasan, airteagalan, agus tuilleadh. Welcome, everyone, to the new ACGA website, a website filled with resources, articles, and more.

This website is the culmination of nine months of work by the ACGA web committee and Redtail Design, Athens, Ohio. It replaces an older WordPress-based blog, but retains all the important functionality of that site while adding much more.

You will find information on events, including the upcoming Grandfather Mountain Gaelic Song and Language Week, news from ACGA, an archive of our newsletter, An Naidheachd Againne, stretching back to 1987, and resources and links to resources for Scottish Gaelic learners, including a section dedicated to Gaelic Learning Communities.

Much of this is still a work in progress, and there will be more to add to the website in coming weeks, but we hope you enjoy this enhanced site and find it useful.

If you’d like to join the web committee and help ACGA expand this website, contact us at webmaster@acgamerica.org.