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Corona-bhìoras: Scottish Gaelic COVID-19 Resources

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Dè a th’ ann an corona-bhìoras agus carson a tha a h-uile duine a’ bruidhinn mu dheidhinn?

What is the coronavirus and why is everyone talking about it? If you have children (and if you don’t), this book from Gaelic-language publisher Acair may help answer those questions.

The Scottish Government has published information on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Gaelic here. You can download a “staying ...

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Glasgow Gaelic School Keeps Growing

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Critics of Gaelic-medium education often decry it as serving “the middle class,” but the headteacher of Glasgow Gaelic School/Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu says that’s not true.

In a recent article in Scotland’s The Herald newspaper, Donalda McComb, said 15 percent of the Gaelic-medium school’s pupils come from neighborhoods classed as the poorest in Scotland, though 17 percent come from wealthy neighborhoods.

“Some 19 per cent of our school ...

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Young Scot group promotes Gaelic

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Youth organization and charity Young Scot wants to interest more young people in learning and using Scottish Gaelic. The group launched a national campaign last month that will provide a variety of services, resources and information online in Gaelic on topics from managing money to puberty.

“We know developing language skills is a great way to strengthen career prospects available to Scotland’s young people,” Ruairidh Hamilton, ...Read More

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Cuach na Cloinne – Football Brings Gaelic Kids Together

| | Children

A national football (soccer) competition in Scotland is bringing Gaelic-speaking and Gaelic-learning children from across the country together, helping them to make new friends and demonstrating that Gaelic is spoken beyond their local communities.

The Cuach na Cloinne (Children’s Quaich or Cup) competition is held entirely in Scottish Gaelic. This year, a record 62 teams participated in the, representing 33 schools. Regional competitions were held over ...

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Faochadh Èibhinn – Comic Relief!

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‘S e an Dòmhnach (neo Latha na Sàbaid) a th’ann. DiLuain a-màireach. Dh’fhaodadh gu bheil feum agaibh air faochadh. Seo dhuibh “an aon chomaig Gàidhlig air loidhne air an t-saoghal” – ‘S Math Sin!

Agus tha sinn an dòchas gum bi an seachdain a thig math dhuibh.

It’s Sunday. Tomorrow is Monday. It’s possible you may need some relief. Here’s “the Only Gaelic Comic Online in the ...

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ACGA Announces Youth Membership

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The most important issue in keeping any minority language alive is the attraction of young people, be they children, high-school or college students, or other young adults. We often see that young folks who start learning Gaelic find it very rewarding. And it can serve as a gateway into other activities that they also enjoy, such as Celtic music, singing, dancing, Highland games, or learning ...

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