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Online Poetry Event Oidhche nam Bàrd coming Feb. 3

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You may have heard of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, but how well do you know Màiri Mhòr nan Òran, Alasdair Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair or Donnchadh Bàn Mac an tSaoir? They are two of the many Scottish Gaelic poets you can learn more about at Oidhche nam Bàrd, the Night of Poets.

Oidhche nam Bàrd is an annual online celebration of Scottish Gaelic poetry and ...

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US National Mòd Brings Gaelic Learners Together

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The 34th US National Mòd held by An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) brought more than 30 Gaelic learners and speakers from both sides of the Atlantic together Nov. 11-12 for memorable competitions, workshops and a cèilidh.

Participants in the online event came from 15 states and Canadian provinces, including Alberta, Arkansas, California, the District of Columbia, Illiniois, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Nova ...

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US National Mòd Opens with Competitions, Workshops

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The U.S. National Mòd opens 10 am, Saturday, Nov. 11, with competitions in poetry, storytelling and song. The online event will run until 6 pm on Saturday, followed by workshops on Sunday, Nov. 12.

“We’re very excited to launch our fourth online US National Mòd, which is our 34th mòd since 1988,” said Liam Ó Caiside, president of An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) and chair of ...

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US National Mòd Coming Nov. 11-12: ACGA’s Premier Online Event

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Two former Royal National Mòd Gold Medal winners — Lyle and Kerrie Kennedy of Oban, Scotland — will adjudicate this year’s US National Mòd, Mòd Naiseanta Aimeireagaidh, on Saturday, Nov. 11. For the fourth consecutive year, the event will be held entirely online, allowing Scottish Gaelic enthusiasts from across North America and beyond to participate.

Click here to register for the event.

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ACGA Webcast to Mark Latha Lùnasdail Sunday Aug. 13

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Traditional customs associated with the festival of Lùnasdal, a pan-Gaelic harvest holiday celebrated at the beginning of August, will be explored in an ACGA webcast on Sunday, Aug. 13. The webcast will focus on customs and folklore associated with the holiday in Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man, the countries where related Goidelic or Gaelic languages are spoken — Scottish Gaelic, Irish and Manx.

Lùnasdal, ...

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New York City Mòd Brings Gaelic to the Fore during Tartan Week

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Cynthian Knight, a Gaelic learner, singer, and ACGA member from Northern Virginia, is the winner of the first Scottish Gaelic mòd held in New York City in more than a century. She competed with eight other singers for the honor of being named New York City Tartan Week Mòd Champion, helping to secure a firm foothold for Scottish Gaelic in New York City’s Tartan Week ...

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Gaelic Song & Language Week Registration Opens

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Registration for this year’s ACGA Scottish Gaelic Song & Language Week July 2-7 at Banner Elk, North Carolina, is officially open. Click through to our Grandfather Mountain GS&LW page to access the registration form and plan your Gaelic song and language week!

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NYC Tartan Week to feature Gaelic Mòd this April

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For the first time, the New York City Tartan Week festival will feature a Scottish Gaelic song contest and Gaelic workshops, elevating the profile of Scottish Gaelic in New York City and its Tartan Week celebrations. Singers from across North America, Scotland, and beyond are invited to The NYC Tartan Week Mòd on Wednesday, April 12, and Thursday, April 13.

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Oidhche nam Bàrd coming Jan. 14

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Many people have heard of Robert Burns, the famous Scottish poet, but what about Alasdair Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair, Màiri Mhòr nan Òran, or Donnchadh Bàn? Those are just three of the thousands of Scottish Gaelic poets whose work isn’t often recognized outside the Gaelic-speaking community. Our remedy for that at An Comunn Gàidhealach Ameireaganach (ACGA) is Oidhche nam Bàrd or the Night of the Bàrds, ...

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MacKinnon, Britton to adjudicate 2022 ACGA Mòd

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Two prominent Gaelic voices from Nova Scotia – Lewis MacKinnon and Màiri Britton – will be the adjudicators or judges at this year’s US National Mòd, a two-day celebration of Scottish Gaelic language arts held online this Nov. 12 and 13. This will be the 33rd annual US National Mòd, a series of competitions and workshops in Gaelic song, poetry, and storytelling.

Lewis MacKinnon or Lodaidh ...

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